Our $9 Flat Rate Shipping is for any order with a US shipping address*.

Shipping on your orders will always cost $9, regardless of how much you purchase. This is our way of offering a wholesale price discount without issuing refunds or having customers worry about "is my box full yet, how much more can fit, etc". Please note that this does allow for BBF to choose the most cost effective way for shipping (i.e. USPS regional boxes, flat rate, or on rare occasion, UPS services).

New exception: If you purchase a half-yard or fat-half of fabric only, you will be able to check out with USPS First class shipping (US) for only $6 if you prefer. 

Essentially, any order over 3-5 yards starts saving you money because you wouldn't have to pay $14.35 for a medium flat rate box, or $19.95 for a large, etc. BBF pays any overages and you start saving! 

*Canada customers have tiered pricing based on weight ($27, $52 or $77).