BBF Mystery Medium Flat Rate Scrap Box

$25 shipped ($12.80 actual cost of shipping, $12.20 for the fabric). This listing has been created as $17 due to the automatic $8 flat rate shipping which will equal $25.

You'll typically receive about 5-7 cuts anywhere from .5 yard to 3-4 yards. Some may need to be washed, have a small flaw, or a circle "test cut" out of it. Remember that these are scrap boxes, so if you don't like mystery boxes or you hate dealing with smaller pieces of fabric I would suggest not buying one. For sewing newbies, oldies who like being creative, or someone who just wants some cheap fabric to test out new patterns this is PERFECT for you! 

Fabrics that may be in your box include: ABP, Distressed, Waffle, Sweater, Rayon Spandex, DBP, Modal Cupro Slub, Textured Nylon Spandex/Swim, Polyester Spandex, French Terry, Art Gallery Fabrics, etc.

*Image in listing is just an example of previous scrap boxes, every box is unique.