BBF Style Box Collection #9
The Style Box Collection #9 will be available for pre-order on the website starting Sept 14th, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST through Sept 19th. Once the pre-order closes, all boxes will ship by Sept 19th. If they all sell out prior to the 19th they will all ship sooner!
A Style Box will include 5-6 total yards of anywhere between 2 or 3 different fabrics that have been exclusively selected for this box. They will also have matching buttons (usually 8-10) and include an information sheet to teach you about each fabric base and what it is best used for. Everyone will receive an identical box. Any extra yardage of the fabrics in the boxes will be listed in the shop once the reveal posts are allowed (date TBA). There will also be a contest you can enter to win the NEXT style box with posting your gorgeous makes with this one!
SEWING NOTION/TRIM BONUS: This box will have a sewing trim included that is very versatile.
HINT: This box (#9)'s theme is Fall stripes.
How do I know if the style box is good for me? If you have been following BBF for awhile or are new to the shop, take a look at what is offered or has been carried in the past (there are albums on the FB page) to get an idea on my personal style for the shop. My best advice is, if you normally enjoy what is carried at BBF, you will likely enjoy this box! Now - as is with any mystery box - if you are not one who likes surprises, this is probably not a good purchase for you. But if you are feeling outgoing and want to try, trust me, it will be really cool to see how many unique ideas everyone will sew these fabrics into!