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Item: GSP 3-Piece Gift Set
Contents: 3160, 3120, 3210
Color: Purple
Designation: Right-Handed
Brand: KAI
Imported from:
Set Includes: 
•3120 4.5 inch Serrated Patchwork Scissor
•3160 6 inch Serrated Patchwork Scissor
•3210 8 inch Serrated Patchwork Shear

Information from Kai: KAI Serrated Gift Set is a wonderful gift set for any person who likes to have extreme control over their cuts.  Whether it is for a friend, family member, or even yourself, this is the premier gift set for those seeking out serrated scissors.  A blade cover for each scissor is also included in every gift set.

Serrated blades help grip the fabric on satin, silky and slippery fabrics. Excellent on cotton for cutting multiple layers of patchwork piecing. Also great for cutting out applique. This 4-inch version is ideal for finer, detailed cutting. Small appliques can be easily cut, even when working on slippery satin and silk. Wool appliques are easily cut, especially turning, and cutting. Having the serrated teeth gives you more control, especially when turning and cutting simultaneously.

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