Sewist Call 8Jun19

This listing is only for those sewists who have been directly contacted to sew up fabric from the website for June 2019. Please do not purchase this if you have not received a direct link to it from the shop owner. 

By purchasing this listing you agree to sew up the fabric (ideally by 1-week from delivery to you) and post it to the BBF facebook group - and anywhere else you'd like but this is not required! If you have a business you can put your logo on it and I'll include it in the fabric's photos on the website too.

You will receive 2 yards of a non-custom fabric such as DBP, RS, Triblend, Hacci, Modal Polyester, etc (color/print will be unspecified and random, these are pre-packaged for quick shipment). Listing cost is $0.01 for accounting purposes, with $8 shipping to cover the PFRE shipping costs. The fabric is essentially free with the expectation that you will provide a photo of it sewn up to BBF. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to sew for BBF!