Welcome to Bow Button Fabrics! 

My handmade scarf business (Bow Button Scarves) was originally created to help stay warm while living in Fairbanks, Alaska. I quickly realized that sourcing quality fabrics was difficult and there was a need for myself and others to have affordable, fashionable knits at reasonable prices. Soon afterwards, my shop expanded to offer beautiful textiles, trims and accessories! Since then, the business has moved through Alaska, Oklahoma, New York, and now settled in Fort Irwin, California for the time being. 

Make sure to join the Facebook fabric group to stay updated with upcoming sales, share design ideas and even vote on which fabrics you'd like to see in the shop! I would love to see what you can create with the shop's fabrics, appliques and trim. 

Ask to join here: www.facebook.com/groups/BowButtonFabrics

I am proud to have 100% ready-to-ship items that require no extra processing times. No custom fabrics, very few preorders and no items that have not yet been created. Your item will typically ship within one business day of the purchase.

-Kimberly Dolci, Owner