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This listing is for 1 medium flat rate box filled with perfect yardage from the shop.

There are two types of boxes - 8 yard perfect cut cotton spandex jersey/FT/viscose or a 6 yard perfect cut box (currently unavailable). Both have regular retail yardage from the shop that has either recently sold out, was a precut on the shelf from listing photos or was pulled off the website specifically to create these boxes! There are some example photos of the boxes going out this round in the listing to check out as well.

Your package may include some of the following fabric types:

⦁ 8 yard box: European Organic & Non-Organic Cotton Spandex Jersey, French Terry, Viscose Spandex. All boxes have a 2 yard cut, mostly 1 yard cuts and some have 2 half-yard cuts.

⦁ 6 yard box: European Waffle, European French Terry, European Organic & Non-Organic Cotton Spandex Jersey, European Cuff Ribbing, Ribbed Knit. All boxes have half yard or fat half cuts, no yardage.