CL Cuff Ribbing - Mauve

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Content: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Weight: 265 gsm
Stretch: 2-Way, 25%/100%
Width of Fabric: 14-16'' tubular knit, 28-32'' width if you cut the tube open
Quality: Non-organic
Imported from:
Other Certifications: Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Meets CPSC Safety Requirements: Yes
Washing Instructions: Machine wash on cool or cold, normal cycle. Make sure to wash separately with like colors initially. Tumble dry low and ironing without stretching is recommended.
Sewing Recommendations: Sewing machine, serger or coverstitch, with stretch or ballpoint needles. 
Suggested Uses: Cuffs, neckbands and other bands on all types of apparel. You can choose to cut the tube apart if it's easier to work with that way (this is what I prefer so I treat it as more of a normal knit with selvages). However, on the rare occasion that your band needs to be measured at the exact width the tube is you won't have to cut it at all! 

Fabric is listed by the half-yard (18'' x wof). Enter quantity of "2" half-yards for 1 continuous yard, "3" for 1.5 yards, and so on.

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