Shipping is based on weighted tiers relative to the actual cost for the amount of fabric you purchase. Thicker fabrics cost more to ship, so they may bump up into the next pricing tier at a lower yardage increment. Prices have been updated as of 12/3/23 and are subject to change.

  • Up to approx 1 yard = $6.95 (Ground Tier 1)
  • Up to approx 4 yards = $8.95 (Ground Tier 2)
  • Up to approx 8 yards = $12.95 (Ground Tier 3)
  • Up to approx 12 yards = $14.95 (Ground Tier 4)
  • Up to approx 18 yards = $18.95  (Ground Tier 5)
  • Up to approx 21 yards = $22.95  (Ground Tier 6)
  • Approx 21+ yards = $26.95  (Ground Tier 7)

*If you would like to opt for faster Priority shipping, please select it at checkout from the drop down menu before payment.

Please note that this type of tiered shipping does allow for BBF to choose the most cost effective way for shipping (sometimes UPS Ground services).

Due to recent refund policy changes through several payment processors, combining orders and receiving a shipping refund is no longer offered. If you check out twice, you will have two separate boxes shipped to you. BBF processes shipments very quickly, so as soon as you have a shipping notification it is expected to be already on it's way to the Post Office.

If you live outside the US or Canada but would like to purchase from BBF, please email the shop for a more specific shipping quote unique to your order at