Shipping policy

We are proud to have 100% ready-to-ship items that require no extra processing times besides cutting your fabric! On the rare occasion there is a preorder or preretail round offered, it will be mentioned in the unique listings & header of the website.

Your order will typically ship within one to two business days. On occasion, your order may ship on the same day as our mail carrier pick-up/timing allows! Sometimes we have sales which can disrupt shipping by an extra 1-2 days, but this will be announced in two places:
1. The header on the website, and
2. In the FB group (

If you require a quicker method (i.e. USPS Express) or require UPS/Fed Ex delivery please contact us before placing your order. 

For US Customers: Your order will ship via USPS First Class or Priority Mail and normally takes 2-5 business days for delivery. On rare occasion we may ship UPS if it requires a larger box or is very heavy.

You will receive an email with tracking information once the order is packaged. Shipping also includes delivery confirmation and $100 insurance. Signature upon delivery is never included unless the parcel's value exceeds $400.

The customer must notify the shop within two (2) days of delivery if there is an issue (items missing, damaged, etc). Any requests or claims after this timeline will not be granted. Due to a recent change in USPS insurance payout requirements, ALL items including the damaged packaging and fabric must be kept until the claim is resolved. This means that the customer is responsible for keeping the contents on hand and available for inspection at a local USPS if required by the post office claim.

Any stolen package is not the responsibility of the shop. Once it's marked delivered by the postal service it is out of the shop's control. Buyers must contact their local Post Office to obtain further information such as GPS delivery coordinates or speak with their carrier to attempt to locate it.

Any lost, delayed or missing packages within the postal system requires contacting BBF for assistance. BBF will handle filing and obtaining insurance refunds for the package. ALL ITEMS including the damaged fabrics, as well as USPS packaging, are required for the claim (per USPS policy). They (USPS) may require the customer bring in the parcel and its contents to their local USPS hub for inspection to honor an insurance payout. If this is not done by the customer, BBF will be unable to receive any insurance money back and therefore the claim is automatically denied. 

The shop has all the information, receipts from shipment and proof of purchase for the label that is required for the insurance claim. If you believe you need a claim processed, please contact the shop via email ( and we will be happy to start the process for you. A lot of times a parcel can get delayed, but they almost always still deliver. Since 2013, BBF has only experienced 2 truly missing/lost parcels and insurance claims were fully paid out (or replacements were re-shipped) to the customer.

If any package is refused upon delivery, is never picked up from your PO, or requires re-shipment due to an incorrect address (or any other reason), the buyer is responsible for paying the subsequent reshipment fees. Abandoned packages will be discarded in 30 days and no refund will be granted.

For Canada Customers: Your order will ship via USPS Priority Mail and normally takes 5-10 business days for delivery. This is not a guarantee, especially with customs which can delay packages without cause at any time during shipping. Please note there may or may not be VAT/customs fees for imported goods which I cannot control. The shop is not responsible for paying these import costs and fees.

These prices are a trial period valid through October 31st, 2023. 

  • We are going to be utilizing USPS Ground Advantage, USPS Priority and occasionally UPS Ground.
  • USPS Priority usually delivers in 2-3 days, USPS Ground is 2-6 days, UPS is 3-5 days. All 3 have tracking and insurance.
  • Priority will normally arrive in the free USPS boxes, but Ground we will be utilizing poly mailers or cardboard boxes we have to purchase. All packages will still have plastic bags around the fabric to keep it safe.
  • Each tier is judging the weight of your fabric against what should cover the shipping costs. It may also cover Priority costs in some scenarios (Tier 2 is the most likely to show up in a padded flat rate because it's cheaper than 4lbs sent via Ground). BBF will be selecting what makes the most sense at time of packaging.
  • There will be no shipping adjustment/refunds, as this has been our policy for several years now. Some payment providers actually charge us extra fees on refunds.
  • If you pay $6.95 and it costs more, the overage is covered by BBF. If we saved .20 using ground on your $8.95 package, it just helps pay for the poly mailer we used. Our max shipping cost is lower now (26.95 vs 30)!
*All these rates apply to US shipments only. Canadian rates stay the same.